Captured in Africa is a South African based tour operator catering to people who have an interest in and love for Africa’s wild places, conservation, wildlife and photography.

A variety of tours are offered throughout Africa, including countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Travel experiences range from world-class five-star game lodges to camping and hands-on conservation experiences, and cater to a range of travellers.

First time safari-goers, seasoned adventurers, novice and professional photographers, conservationists, and families are all welcome.

Photographic Safaris

Photographic safaris for the experienced and novice photographer, for conservation lovers and families


The Photographers’ Safari

Conservation awareness through the lens

Captured in Africa is founded on the belief that the lens has the power to change people’s perceptions by revealing a depth of detail and bringing people closer to their subjects as only a camera can.

Whether a skilled, novice, young or even occasional photographer, Captured in Africa will, with the instruction of professional photographers and accompanied by experienced rangers, take you through the lens deeper into the world that is the African Bush – from magnificent landscapes to minuscule ecosystems.

You will cover some of the most spectacular destinations Africa has to offer and experience up-close wild encounters.

The safari is limited to a small group of six people, allowing for individualised attention and abundant opportunities to capture exceptional moments on camera.

The Conservationists’ Photographic Safari


Creating awareness of the plight of big cats

The Captured in Africa Conservationists’ Photographic Safari is for anyone who has an interest in conservation.

This safari focuses on creating a greater awareness of the need to protect and preserve Africa’s wildlife, and especially the plight of Africa’s big cats, using the lens to bring people closer to their subjects as only a camera can.

Along your journey you will visit wildlife sanctuaries and meet quiet heroes of conservation and passionate activists sharing the plight of Africa’s wildlife.

Each safari is limited to a small, intimate group of six people, accompanied by a professional photographer, conservationist and game ranger. These small groups allow you to get individualised attention, making the most of the learning experience and opportunity to capture exceptional photographs along your journey.

Hands-On Conservation & Photographic Safari & Adventure


A tracking safari including research and collaring work

Captured in Africa is affiliated with organisations and people who have a strong conservation ethic and this tour brings you up-close with these dedicated people and the work they do.

You will join a research and collaring party as they track specific species. You will get in-depth insights into at-risk species and why this research work is so important.

The Captured in Africa Hands-On Conservation & Photographic Safari is accompanied by a professional conservationist, tracker and photographer and is limited to small groups of six people, so that you get the most from the experience.

This tour is also beneficial for children and young adults who want to explore a career in conservation.

The Family Photographic Safari & Adventure

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A shared family experience

The Captured in Africa Family Photographic Safari is for those who want to discover more about conservation and who want to share the importance of preserving the natural riches of our world with their children.

The tour covers some of the most spectacular destinations throughout Africa, with breathtaking landscapes, up-close wild encounters and a perceptive and sensitive journey into nature’s hidden ecosystems.

Each safari is accompanied by a professional photographer and game ranger and is limited to a small group of six people, so that you and your family get the most from this learning experience while capturing exceptional photographs along your journey.

See stunning landscapes and big game from the horseback vantage point

Few experiences bring you closer to the beauty of nature than on a horseback safari. See magnificent game in stunning wildlife reserves, all from the horseback vantage point.


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Africa is a vast continent of exceptional and striking beauty. There are abundant opportunities to experience nature and wildlife in its many different forms, and in many different ways.

If you have particular countries and destinations you’d like to visit or particular requirements for your safari, speak to Captured in Africa and we’ll help design a safari that’s perfect for you.


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